Steel Parts Manufacturing

Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc. has a heritage dating back to the late 1940s. Today, Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc.’s operations are centered out of Tipton, Indiana, and include 185,000 square feet of floor space and the latest in manufacturing design and technology. At our production facility, we utilize more than 29 presses, ranging from 5 tons to 800 tons.

Our services include fine blanking, welding, metal finishing, de-burring, roll flattening, heat setting and machining. And our location, in the heart of the country’s automotive belt, enables us to take advantage of highly competitive and logistically sound local support ”partners” who extend our capabilities to handle painting, plating and engineered coatings.

Steel Parts is best-known for high-volume, close-tolerance precision metal stampings. The parts we produce are used in the finest motion technology systems, including automatic transmissions, engine mounts, suspension systems, and steering systems as well as in other motion technologies in North America and abroad.