Heavy Duty Products

Products for the Heavy Duty Market

Raybestos Powertrain serves the heavy duty, off-highway, construction, agricultural and industrial markets with products for powershift transmissions, power take-off clutches, wet wheel brakes, and other custom friction material products.

We design and manufacture friction materials for almost every heavy duty application imaginable, for OEM and the aftermarket. Our high-durability friction materials withstand punishing and abusive duty cycles in applications such as mining, logging, oil drilling, construction, agriculture, military and other heavy duty vehicles. They have proven themselves in fire truck, dump truck, city transit bus, school bus, delivery vehicle and refuse truck applications.

Our Tech Center in Crawfordsville serves as the base for heavy duty truck and off-highway technical support and for long-term material and product development.

Wet Wheel Brake Products

Wet wheel and axle brakes are fade-resistant, high-capacity brake systems. Rotating friction disks, similar to clutch disks, are alternated with fixed steel separator plates in a fluid-filled compartment.

Power Take-Off

Power take-off (PTO) clutches divert power from the engine of the vehicle to auxiliary devices. The require friction materials with good engagement characteristics, low noise during operation, and the ability to absorb high energy without wear.

Powershift Transmission Products

Raybestos heavy duty clutch plates are used in a wide variety of powershift transmissions for speed clutches and direction clutches. They are designed to withstand the short shift times, rapid reversals and high energy loads of these duty cycles. The friction materials used in these plates have high coefficients of friction, good durability and high power absorption characteristics.