Does Raybestos Powertrain design products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM)?

Yes! Raybestos Powertrain works closely with OEMs and tier 1 powertrain suppliers to design and develop the next generation of quality wet friction and energy absorption products for OEM automotive and OEM heavy duty use.

Last Updated: February 05, 2015
How can I learn more about Raybestos Powertrain’s automotive OEM and heavy duty OEM products?

For more information about Raybestos Powertrain OEM products, please call or email us:

(309) 657-0691


Last Updated: December 09, 2015
What products does Raybestos Powertrain provide for heavy duty applications?

Raybestos Powertrain designs and manufactures friction materials for almost every heavy duty application imaginable. We serve the heavy duty, off-highway, construction, agricultural and industrial markets with products for powershift transmissions, power take-off clutches, wet wheel brakes and other custom friction material products.

Last Updated: February 05, 2015