Crawfordsville, Indiana Facility

Opened: 1952
Vertically Integrated
455,000 sq. ft.

  • Paper making capabilities
  • Saturation

Manufactures a Variety of Friction Materials:

  • Papers
  • Elastomeric
  • Graphitic
  • Sintered 

Production Includes:


Sullivan, Indiana Facility 

Chaney St. Facility

HD Steel Facility

  • Manufacturing for heavy-duty, off-road products
  • 38,000 sq. ft.
  • Reaction Plate Stamping and Finishing Operations

Tipton, Indiana Facility

  • Opened 1946
  • Located in Tipton, IN – 45 minutes north of Indianapolis
  • Manufacturer of clutch and pressure plates, transmission components, shims, axle plates, drawn cups, piston cases, brackets, and bushing metals.
  • 185,000 sq. ft. facility

Leading R&D Center

The R&D team operates in coordination with the sales team to identify new product opportunities associated with customer demand.

42,000 Square Foot Facility with 18 Employees:

  • Prototype manufacturing equipment
  • Equipment includes 18 dynamometers and 16 stroker fatigue testing units
  • Extensive analytical testing equipment

Capabilities Include:

  • Original product development
  • Enhancement of product performance
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Small volume production and prototype manufacturing

Testing equipment ensures quality compliance with North American, European and Asian standards

Innovative advanced manufacturing friction process that eliminates waste and multiple paper process steps providing maximum portability for global manufacturing

Notable current projects include:

  • High performance shifting clutches
  • Dual clutch transmission and starter clutches
  • Segmenting and “Hybrid” Grooving Technology
  • EC3 material next generation for torque convertor continuous slip applications
  • Carbon-based materials for next Generation eLSD, Tcase, TTDs and Synchronizers
  • Material development for dry friction clutch
  • Gen III Wet Wheel Brake Materials
  • Paper based “Elastomeric” materials
  • Refining “Advanced Manufacturing Process” systems

R & D Center - Crawfordsville