Design & CAD Support Capabilities

  • Catia, SDRC I-deas, Autocad Unigraphics and IGES translators
  • Solid modeling and Finite Element Analysis (IDEAS)
  • Metal forming simulations (Hyperform) – tooling designs
  • AutoWeb and FTP Data Transfer

Our simulation models encompass significant experience and expertise in wet frictional systems accumulated during years of intense development when real applications have been studied and solutions implemented.

The approach used combines three major features:

  • Deep studies of physics of the phenomena involved,
  • Application of rigorous and reliable modeling tools and
  • Comprehensive experimental verification.

This approach allowed us to:

  • Identify most critical mechanisms governing complex behavior of friction clutches and brakes,
  • Integrate innovative solutions during design phase and
  • Produced very substantial incremental improvements in clutches and brakes.

The models are continuously being refined and enhanced to better capture different aspects of physics, increase accuracy, computational efficiency and robustness.